Nearest hotels to Wuff

This year at Wuff we have set another "registration speed" record - it took all of you less than 8 minutes to completely book all available rooms at our venue.

We think it is a very great achievement and we are very proud of it, because we have certain agreements with Platium's management and it is very important for us that attendees book and pay for booked rooms as fast as possible.

Sadly there will be no "overflow" hotel this year and that's why we have already prepared a list of nearby hotels for those of you, who still plan to visit Wuff2020.

You can book a room for yourself at any of these hotels through their websites.

(prices for regular arrival and departure 05-09 of May at the end of January 2020)

  1. KrisHouse
  2. Cottage new Bazradichi
  3. Dacha Club
  4. Villa Nova
  5. Seasons SPA Boutique Hotel
  6. Chumackij shlyah
  7. Hotel Pine Forest
  8. Room with balcony
  9. Mini hotel "Galeon"
  10. Eco house

We would also like to remind you that only attendees, who are staying at Platium, can be on the hotel premises during the night, so if you have a desire to stay overnight and continue partying with your friends, please contact the Staff team.

And if you have any other questions - contact us. We will happily answer them.