WUFF 2020

WUFF is the largest annual furry convention in Ukraine, traditionally held in early May. We are an open and friendly community of artists, animators, writers, costumers and just admirers of anthropomorphic animals.

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Each year WUFF creates for their guests a special atmosphere of coziness, friendship and love! Regardless if you have visited WUFF or this is your first time, we will be glad to see you with us!

During this wonderful time we share experience, make new friends, enjoy communication, play, look for adventures, learn from each other and just having a great time! Our broad team of experienced organizers are here at WUFF to make it real.

So get ready to pack your bags because WUFF is waiting for you!

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Saying that this convention is just great equals to not saying anything at all. I never had so many wonderful emotions at any other convention before. And if you will ever consider attending WUFF... No! You MUST visit this convention and I can promise that you will not regret it, you can be sure about that!


Once again I’ve been fascinated with WUFF’s cozy, positive and festive atmosphere. Warm weather was making us happy during the day and we were making our nights even warmer by dancing hard at the disco.

- Juicy Dog

I'm very grateful to every single member of WUFF's staff team, who create this amazing event, which should be included in every fur's "Must Visit" list, every year. And if you haven't yet visited WUFF, you should definitely start to think about fixing this mistake.

- Jimmer

Yet another convention with very lively atmosphere and distinct Ukrainian spirit, which haven’t been very distinct this time, at least for me. But no matter what, no words can fully describe how cozy and positive WUFF’s atmosphere is. Will definitely be back next time.

- Alex "Khaki" Vance