Convention Rules

1. General rules

Any kinds of behavior which may create discomfort for other attendees, WUFF Staff members or Hotel Staff members are strictly prohibited and may lead to your ban at WUFF 2019 and future WUFF conventions. This rule overrides all other rules listed below and may be applied by members of Board of Directors at any time.

  1. Be respectful to each other.
  2. You are responsible for making any damage to Hotel’s and other attendees’ property.
  3. Always follow instructions from WUFF Staff members.
  4. Any kinds of violence, including physical, intimidation, stalking and unwanted physical contacts are strictly prohibited.
  5. Be aware that not every attendee will accept hugs or will be happy to get pounced by you, so if you are not sure – ask first.
  6. Control your emotions in public and do not cross any boundaries. Any sexual and intimate activities in public places are strictly prohibited.
  7. If you have any problems, it is your right (and in some cases – responsibility) to immediately contact one of WUFF Staff or Hotel Security members.
  8. There may be other people (non-attendees) staying in the Hotel during convention. Do not bother and provoke them.
  9. Do not enter any random rooms without approval from people who leave there.
  10. Before inviting your friends into your room, ask your roommates if they do not mind having guests.
  11. Staying in someone’s room over the night without paying the fee or getting approval from Board of Directors is strictly prohibited – attendees, who live in the room, and their “guest” will be asked to leave the convention and will no longer be counted as WUFF attendees.
  12. Remember, Hotel lobby and restaurants are public places, so there may be people who are not attending WUFF. Behave yourself and show them our community from the positive side.


2. Registration and Payment

  1. Members of WUFF Registration Team have the right to deny your registration, basing their decision on the history of your previous payments, your behavior or any other reasons which prove that you can cause discomfort to other attendees or damage WUFF reputation. If your registration will be denied, members of WUFF Registration Team also have the right to not provide you any explanations.
  2. To become a WUFF-attendee you will need to register on the official website. Attendee-packages purchased from other resources will not be valid.
  3. Every attendee form is checked manually by one of the WUFF Registration Team members. After your registration will be approved, you will get access to the payment page. If your payment will not be processed in 24 hours, you should contact our Registration Team.
  4. There are two types of registration: Attendee and Guest. Attendee – this is the person who lives in the hotel during convention. Guest – this is the person who has access to WUFF events only during daytime.
  5. You can register as attendee only if you are 18+ y.o. and you will be asked to show your government-issued ID during your registration in the hotel. If you are under 18 y.o., then you can participate in WUFF events only as guest. And if you are under 16 y.o., then you can not participate in WUFF events and stay in the hotel at all.
  6. Your payment (including sponsor’s upgrade) is not refundable with the exception of special cases approved by Board of Directors and cannot be counted as next year’s payment.
  7. In order to sell (or gift) your registration to another person, both of you need to contact our Registration Team and confirm that you agree on selling (gifting) / buying this particular attendee-package. Attendee-package transfer will be valid only with the approval from Registration Team.
  8. Pets are allowed in the hotel, but in order to bring your pet to WUFF, you will need to get an approval from Registration Team and follow additional set of rules.
  9. At WUFF we have “complete purchase” system. It means we cannot guarantee you and the roommate you have selected that you will be living together if you have selected different date of arrival and (or) room type. If we will not be able to find you a roommate, we will try to solve this issue individually. We also want to remind you that we have the right to change your room type to a cheaper one and compensate you the difference in the price. We hope for your understanding.
  10. Guests can register at WUFF during the whole duration of the convention. You will need to register in order to get your guest-badge and registration number which will allow you to participate in WUFF events.


For guests

  1. Guests are allowed to be in the hotel from 09:00 till 22:00.
  2. Guest registration has multiple steps.
  3. After arriving to the hotel, guest will be asked to go to ConOps or registration desk to pay the fee and get his badge. If the guest has not been registered yet, he will need to go through this procedure first.
  4. After paying the fee, guest will receive his badge. If the guest had the badge before, but lost (or forgot it), he will also need to pay for the new badge.
  5. After getting the badge and registration number, guest will be added to our database. This is a mandatory procedure.
  • Guest may stay in the hotel after 22:00 if he will purchase an “upgrade” for his registration.

      You will break WUFF rules if:

  1. You will be at the convention without your badge. WUFF Staff members can ask you to go to ConOps to pay the fee and get new badge.
  2. You will stay in the hotel after 22:00 without purchasing an “upgrade” for your registration. WUFF Staff members will offer you to buy this “upgrade” and, if you will deny the offer, you will be banned at WUFF for 1 year (from the ban date till the end of next WUFF convention). Information about this incident will also be forwarded to Staff Teams of our partners – Cesfur, Confuzzled, Gdakon, Eurofurence, Nordicfuzzcon and Rusfurence.



  1. Every guest can become an attendee if he will purchase one of the rooms in the hotel for the rest of convention – this option will be available only if there will be any available rooms in the hotel.
  2. If guest wants to stay for one night, he can pay the “sharing” fee, but you need to remember that this option is not available for all room types.
  3. You can discuss upgrade options in ConOps.


Rules for underaged guests

  1. Guests under age of 18 can register and stay in the hotel from 09:00 till 22:00 only by providing additional form, filled and signed by one of their parents (or legal guardian).
  2. Guests under age of 18 cannot attend events marked as “18+”, visit adult section of our Art Show and be at adult part of our Auction.
  3. Guests under age of 18 cannot submit adult art in any forms for the Art Show themselves, but can submit them with the help of representative who is 18+ y.o.
  4. If underaged guest will be found in the hotel after 22:00, our security team will contact his parents (or legal guardian) and will send this guest home via taxi. Taxi fee will be paid by the guest or his parent (legal guardian) and guest will be banned at WUFF for the remaining days of convention.
  5. Guests under age of 16 are not allowed.
  6. Guests under age of 18 are not allowed to stay in the hotel after 22:00.
  7. Board of Directors has the right to change the rules, listed above, by having an agreement with one of the guest’s parents (or legal guardian).


3. Badge System

We have 7 types of badges at WUFF:

  • Director
  • Staff
  • Crew
  • Super Sponsor / Sponsor
  • Member
  • Guest
  • Minor (Underaged)


  1. Badge will be valid only for the person who got it at the registration desk and you will not be able to pass your badge to someone else.
  2. You should show your badge to Staff or Security member if you will be asked to do so.
  3. You should not break your badge or change any information on it.
  4. Broken badge will not remain valid and you will need to pay for replacement.
  5. You are responsible for keeping your badge safe.
  6. Guest (white lanyard) – person who can attend WUFF events and stay in the hotel from 09:00 till 22:00 (can also purchase the “upgrade” for his registration and stay in the hotel overnight).
  7. Minor (blue lanyard) – person under age of 18 who can attend WUFF events and stay in the hotel from 09:00 till 22:00 with permission from one of his parents (or legal guardian). Cannot stay in the hotel overnight and is not allowed to attend events marked as “18+”.
  8. Member (green lanyard) – regular attendee which lives in the hotel and has access to all events excluding events for sponsors and super sponsors.
  9. Sponsor (yellow lanyard) and Super Sponsor (purple lanyard) – regular attendee which upgraded his registration by paying additional fee; All sponsors and super sponsors have seats reserved for them at all events, can attend VIP-events and will get special gifts for supporting WUFF.
  10. Director (red lanyard), Staff (red lanyard) and Crew (orange lanyard) – People who work really hard to make WUFF possible. If you have any questions – ask them.


Additional rules

  1. Your badge should be always visible, and you should only use the lanyard given to you at the registration desk.
  2. Color of your lanyard should always match the type of your registration. For example: If you are a guest, then you should wear a badge on a white lanyard.
  3. Wearing badges and lanyards from other conventions or old WUFF badges is strictly prohibited.
  4. You can definitely wear custom-made (art) badges, but your convention badge should always be visible.


Information on your badge

  1. Your badge will have this information printed on it:


  • Convention name (WUFF)
  • Your nickname
  • Type of your registration
  • Selected avatar picture
  • Your city and country
  • Barcode with encrypted information from your website profile


4. Confidentiality

All information our attendees and guests provide through our registration system is protected and will remain confidential according to Ukrainian “Information” law. By accepting our rules, you are confirming that you agree on letting WUFF Staff pass your information to hotel employees in order to let them register you and process your payment.

  1. WUFF Staff will never give your information to third-parties with exception of situations, when we will be legally-obliged to do so.
  2. You agree on receiving information about your registration and payments, and additional information about WUFF via email. We will never send you the information which will not be related to WUFF.
  3. WUFF is a public event and we hope that you realize that we, even though information on your badge will not include your real name, cannot guarantee you full anonymity and we will not be responsible for any repercussions. Because our convention is a public event, you may unwillingly encounter different mass media representatives, so if you think you can damage relationship you have with your family or people you work with by attending WUFF, then you should think twice before registering.


5. Parties

  1. During night time, the noise level in your room should not be very high and any noises should not be audible in adjacent rooms.
  2. If you are hosting a party in your room, make sure that the door to your room is fully closed.
  3. Hosts of very loud parties will be warned only once. If the noise level at the party will not get lower after our warning, hotel security will be forced to take actions.
  4. Every person, who lives in the room, is responsible for keeping room clean. All trash must be stored in trash bags.
  5. You and your roommates will be responsible for any damage to the hotel property in the room you are staying at.


6. Your Appearance

  1. Costumes and accessories made from real fur are strictly prohibited.
  2. In public places, most parts of your body must be covered.
  3. In order to prevent damage to the hotel property and other attendees’ property, you will need to get an approval from WUFF Staff if you plan to have some body art with the exception of facial makeup.
  4. All fetish-accessories are strictly prohibited, even if they are the part of your costume.
  5. You are not allowed to demonstrate any adult materials in public places. These materials include:
  • Door posters
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Whiteboards
  • Etc.
  1. It is very hard to define fetish-accessories, so if you want to be sure if you can wear your accessories or not, then you should ask one of the Staff members. For example, these items are usually OK:
  • Dog collars (without the leash)
  • Decorative wristbands
  • Dog harnesses (Only on the appropriate costume)


These items are strictly prohibited:

  • Latex suits
  • Anatomically-correct costumes
  • Petplay and BDSM accessories
  • Costumes with opened intimate parts

We have the right to make an exception for costumes which will look appropriate with some of the prohibited accessories, but we cannot give you any promises on that.


7. Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs

  1. If you will be found in one of the public places completely wasted, you will be escorted to your room. This kind of behavior may get you banned at WUFF.
  2. Anyone, who will be involved in selling (giving) or having drugs, will be immediately handed over to legal authorities.
  3. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  4. Vaping is not allowed in public places and we highly recommend you not to vape in your rooms as well.
  5. You are responsible for all actions you make in a drunken state. Know your limits and do not ruin WUFF for other attendees and guests.


8. Weapons

  1. Every weapon, including weapon replicas, toys and different kinds of tools, must be checked and approved by one of the Staff members straight after you will be registered at the hotel. Please, go to ConOps to get your approval.
  2. You are not allowed to carry splash guns, paintball markers and airsoft replicas inside the hotel with the exception for situations, when you will need to get it from your room and bring it outside for one of the events.
  3. You are allowed to carry NERF guns in public places only if they are unloaded and without having any ammunition with you.
  4. Stick and sword fights, and any other dangerous activities, are strictly prohibited.


9. Photo and Video

  1. WUFF has rights for all media materials (videos and photos) made at convention excluding photos and videos made in attendees’ rooms.
  2. You have a right to use your photos and videos made at convention for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  3. You will need an approval from WUFF Staff in order to make a publication about WUFF in the media.
  4. Members of WUFF Media Team have the right to record videos and take photos in hotel public places and can use these materials in the media. You are agreeing that all videos and photos, you have been part of, can be used in the media without any compensation.
  5. Taking photos or filming at Art Show, Dealers Den or Auction, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Other restrictions may be put into action during certain events and will be announced before this event.