WUFF 2020

(opening date: 5 Jan 2019, 20:00:00 UTC+02:00)

WUFF is the largest annual furry convention in Ukraine, traditionally held in early May. We are an open and friendly community of artists, animators, writers, costumers and just admirers of anthropomorphic animals.

Each year WUFF creates for their guests a special atmosphere of coziness, friendship and love! Regardless if you have visited WUFF or this is your first time, we will be glad to see you with us!

During this wonderful time we share experience, make new friends, enjoy communication, play, look for adventures, learn from each other and just having a great time! Our broad team of experienced organizers are here at WUFF to make it real.

So get ready to pack your bags because WUFF is waiting for you!

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Hello World! 2018-06-29 00:16:05

New year, new con, new website!

Thanks to the wild efforts of our wild dog and website lead Royen, Art Director Kar, and graphic artist from Art Team Lieutenant Shiroi, that we have a thrilling new landing page and future-to-be website to show off! This marks a new era where Attendees and WUFF Website come together paw in paw! =^_^=

WUFF 2020 dates are 5-9 of May. Registration and full featured NEW web-site will be open around the end of this year. Please subscribe to our mailing distribution list to get important updates delivered directly to your inbox.