WUFF Rules of Conduct

1. To participate in WUFF you must register on the official website of WUFF (Section Register) and collect your badge from the WUFF staff members upon arrival to hotel (in the hotel hall near Reception). In case of participation in events or use of additional services, which imply payment - you must pay full amount according to announced deadlines. Admission to events, including those that do not require payment, is strictly by your WUFF badge.

2. Badge is your admission ticket for all WUFF events, failing to present your badge will result in denial of admission to event. Badges should be worn in a conspicuous place and in such a way as to ensure clear visibility to the members of security team. You must not pass your badge to others. You take full responsibility in case of loss or theft of the badge. The badge cannot be restored. Loss of badge = loss of registration on WUFF. Recovery of registration/badge is possible only after full payment. Changing or hiding information on badge is prohibited.

3. There is no age restriction on WUFF. However, to access certain events (for example: night club) or during checking into a hotel you may be required to provide photo ID for age verification purposes. WUFF staff members are not liable in the event of admission denial due to age restriction.

4. In case you are unable to visit WUFF for any reason - your payment is non-refundable, as it will already be included in the expense of booking/payment of hotel/events. But you can arrange for and transfer membership to another member on an individual basis. In such case you have to inform in written form WUFF staff member, responsible for registrations, no later than 15 days prior to beginning of event.

5. Personal data (name, country of residence, etc.) is required for booking of hotel, organizing events and providing reasonable level of security. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, except when required for organization of events, accommodation, security, or if required by legislation of Ukraine (for example, at the request of law enforcement bodies).

6. Control your public display of affection, respect others. Keep in mind that not everyone agrees on the active manifestation of affection (hugs, jump-ons, and loud greetings). Make sure that you were given unambiguous consent for your actions. Be decent in physical appearance of your clothes, visual attributes, avatars, art on clothing, etc. Demonstration of pornographic or erotic materials, as well as indecent behavior (open manifestation of sexuality) is forbidden in public places, even if it’s part of your costume.

7. You take full responsibility for damage caused by you. In the event of damage caused by you - you will be held liable and will be required to pay damages.

8. Be guided by a common-sense approach in your actions. If you will close the boundaries of common sense a member of WUFF staff may point it out to you. You have to obey requests and demands of the WUFF staff members.

9. WUFF staff has the right to take photo or video footage in all places not prohibited by law. Other participants of WUFF allowed to photo or video shoot only in public places (on the street, in hallways and lobby of the hotel, lobby of the club, on stage). Participants are not allowed to perform photo and video shooting in fursuit lounge and artist lounge rooms. It is not advisable to take photos or video record if you are not sure of the full agreement of those whom you filming. Prior to starting the photo/video recording, or distributing photo and video materials - ensure the full consent of those who captured there.

10. Do not spoil party mood for anyone, otherwise they will spoil it for you. Respect other participants of WUFF. In case of displaying disrespect, aggressive behavior, provoking conflicts - your registration may be canceled without refund and you will be denied access to all subsequent events of WUFF. In the event of a conflict you must make all efforts for the peaceful resolution of it. All conflicts not resolved by the parties themselves, will be addressed by WUFF security staff. In such case parties of the conflict are obliged to abide by the decision of security staff. Facts of misconduct, violation of Ukrainian legislation or regulations should be reported to WUFF security staff immediately.

11. All substances you take in must remain there, not affecting health, well-being and appearance of others. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places or bringing minors to the state of intoxication is prohibited. Possession, use, distribution of drugs is strictly prohibited. Violators will be passed to law enforcement bodies.

12. You must obey local rules in all places where WUFF events take place (hotel, club, etc.). Remember that your behavior may seem shocking for other furries and humans who may be around. Behave yourself in a proper way, so you are allowed to check-in next year.

13. All non-members, as well as those who are not checked in the hotel, are obliged to leave the hotel at night time (from 23:00 to 09:00). No persons, beside registered residents, have the right to access private rooms without explicit permission of all residents of the room. Unauthorized sharing of the room is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this rule everyone living in the room will be evicted without a refund.

14. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of club and hotel, including private rooms. Please, avoid smoking near fursuits at all times. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas that are outside of the hotel area, club area and event venues.

15. WUFF Rules of Conduct and legislation of Ukraine are mandatory for all participants of WUFF. Violations may result in severe consequences (cancellation of registration on the WUFF, transfer of the offender to law enforcement authorities).