08.05.2018 08:00

Bus Tour to Kiev

Good morning for all attendees residing in overflow hotel. If you are going to the tour, the the bus will take from YOUR hotel at 10.15. If you stayed in the main hotel, then we would like to remind you that we start our trip at 10.00 near the entrance.

03.04.2018 13:15

Food on WUFF

Greetings, WUFF attendees!

Today we would like to speak about the nutrition during the convention. This year we had to renounce of centralized dining service in the hotel by WUFF (including breakfasts; breakfasts are not included in the price of your room this year). Instead we are preparing a number of food events for you. In your attendee profile you may select and pay for such food events as BBQ and Japanese Cuisine evening. In addition to that we are preparing snack exchange and other delicious events. Thanks to your donations we had reached our first goal - campfire snacks. (more information about our donation goals: )

Apart from our food events you may still use hotel’s restaurant (order food a la carte or in room delivery) Please consider the fact that we have reached maximum amount of attendees this year and restaurant have limited capabilities, thus significant delays may occur if restaurant is fully booked. Please bear this in mind during WUFF convention.

Thank you!

30.03.2018 14:30

Registration closing

Dear Friends!
We would like to inform you that registration, profile editing and payment system will be closed after April 10. Please make sure you have finished all account related tasks, uploaded your badge avatar, selected t-shirt size, paid for accommodation and other selected options.
Thank you for staying with us!

28.03.2018 14:45

WUFF'18 T-shirt

Dear Attendees!

You can select and order this year's t-shirt in your profile - just don't forget to select t-shirt size. Kindly reminding you that sponsors and super sponsors will get this t-shirt for free, but you will still need to select the size. It has to be done by April 10, t-shirts will go to printing after that.


21.03.2018 11:30


Every year WUFF org. team is making tremendous efforts to create unique atmosphere at the convention - contests, different shows, chill-out zones, interesting events.
And now you can help us to make WUFF even better and more interesting, even if you can’t purchase sponsor or super sponsor upgrade.
We invite all of you to participate in our “Open Donations” program.

Check, how many awesome events and others interesting stuff we’ve prepared for all of you:
- Improved Lounge Zone, where you will find the bar, music, outdoor cinema, tea room and incredibly relaxed atmosphere.
- Light Show accompanied by rhythm of drums and dances - you will definitely not forget it.
- Photo Area, where you will be able to take unique photos with your friends.
- Unveiled Surprise from Org. Team - you can try and guess what it is.

And many other interesting things.
We really appreciate your help and prizes, unique gifts and pass to the secret event for sponsors will await most active sponsors.
You can find full information about this system here:

15.03.2018 17:00

Welcome to Kyiv!

It would be unfair to invite you to our country and not really show you the capital. Our city have something to show and something to surprise with!
Petting Zoo and promenades, majestic architecture and authentic shops with low prices, fragrant coffee houses and much more!

This time WUFF team prepared special comfortable 3 hour bus tour around Kyiv. Tour price equals to the price of transfer. (250 UAH) Tour busses will leave the hotel in the morning on 8th of May at 11-12 a.m. Please consider this when making your decision to join the tour.

Soon you will find this new option in your user cabinet on WUFF website. Please keep in mind that number of seats is limited.

14.03.2018 18:40

We are encouraging all fursuit attendees of WUFF’18 to take part in the flashmob!

⚠️Here are the steps you need to do:
1. Take a photo with sign that says "I'm going to #WUFF" while you are suiting with your city/attraction/landscape in the background
2. Publish this photo on VK, FB, Twitter or Instagram with #goingtoWUFF2018 hashtag till 1st of May

All fursuiters who will take part in the flashmob will earn a special bandana for fursuit.
Those who will make a video on the same terms will get a special shirt for fursuit additionally!

PS: You may choose between photo and video or do both.👍

👉Results of the flashmob will be presented on 2 or 3 of May.
Gifts will be awarded during the WUFF!🏆

Now go!

05.03.2018 17:00

05.03.2018 14:30

Attention to artists and crafters! We invite you to take part in Art-Show and Dealers Den. All necessary information is collected on a separate page of the site, please take a look at Looking forward to see you at WUFF'18 DD and ArtShow!

28.02.2018 14:00

Hey hey! Do you want to hold your own event at WUFF'18? It may be a master-class, lecture, coach-session or something really simple and fun, like karaoke - the only thing that matters is your desire. We are ready to give you the space and provide you with all the help we can to organize such event. Team-lead of our event team @UrsaHoney will gladly talk with you in Telegram about your event, so don't be shy and contact him. Even if you aren't sure that you will be able to organize and hold this event, contact us! Together we will be able to come up with something. Thanks!

28.01.2018 20:00

Dear Friends! We have 40 additional spots available on WUFF'18 in overflow hotel. A free shuttle bus will run between main and overflow hotel daily. Overflow registration will be available on Tuesday, January 30 at 14:00. (Hotel info:

31.12.2017 15:00

WUFF'18 registration opens January 7th. 

Look for updates on our site at

Happy New Year! =^_^=