WUFF Registration and Payment

 3. PAY
The first step is to get registered on WUFF website. Early birds (who registered in January) receive super priority access to the best rooms and cottages before anyone else booked them. Hurry up!
After successful registration choose desired accomodation type and additional options in user cabinet. Also you can indicate desired neighbor to share a room. To live together - select same room type and dates of stay.
Having chosen desired options - proceed with payment. (in user cabinet as well) Payment processing is safe and via LiqPay service. (WUFF does not store or process bank card information)
Clean and fresh air, beautiful surroundings, modern conveniences - is a great way to get rid of stress and revitalize your body and soul! You can get there both on your own and on the FurryBus organized by us.
WUFF will give you a ton of things to do. Be it buying / selling furry stuff, learning, dancing or playing games - you will find something interesting for sure. (event schedule will be available after April 25)


Before registering on WUFF you should carefully read the rules. If you’re younger than 18 - you should pay special attention to the 3rd paragraph of WUFF rules.

To register click “Registration” link in the menu and fill in all required fields of the registration form. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Click “Register” button to submit registration form.

After some time you’ll get an e-mail with an account activation link. (If you didn’t get our messages after 4 hours - please, contact WUFF staff). To activate your account - click on activation link in the message. Afterwards verification of your user data will be performed (which is done manually) and you’ll get registration confirmation via e-mail message.

After successful registration you can continue to your "User Profile" to choose accommodation type, room category, roommates, select events, order stuff (T-shirts, pins, etc.) and commit payment.

Two payment options are available at the moment. First option is to pay by credit card directly from WUFF site (link available in your profile). In this case processing of payment will be done via LiqPay. Second payment option is a direct wire transfer to our bank account. Bank account information and invoice are available from registration team.

Obtaining WUFF Badge and Hotel  Check-in

On the first day of WUFF in the main hall near reception you’ll find organizer, who is responsible for your WUFF registration. Please, present photo id to identify yourself, collect your member badge and stuff designated to you.

For those who registered and paid accommodation in the hotel – member badge is also a key to your hotel room. (depends on availability of electronic keys feature in selected hotel) To activate your key please provide your photo ID and member badge to hotel staff on reception. To validate your hotel accommodation you might be asked to present your valid photo ID (passport).

Keep in mind that WUFF badge is your only valid identification as WUFF member, and your only valid pass to WUFF events. If you fail to present your badge you will be denied access to WUFF events. Badge must be worn on a clearly visible place. You may not pass your badge to anyone. You are fully responsible in case of loss or theft of the badge.

Informational support

Information booth will be available at the hotel reception. You can latest updates on schedule of events, as well as other useful information, sign up for workshops, art contest and Fursuit photoshoot.

If you have any questions about WUFF, and information is not available on WUFF site - don't hesitate to contact us (orga team).