Fundraising Targets

Super-Mega Secret Plan +20 000 UAH
67 000 UAH (needed 32 700 UAH)

A huge surprise to each member of WUFF stays under the veil of intrigue. You can try your luck and guess what we have prepared for you.

Light Show +19 000 UAH
47 000 UAH (needed 12 700 UAH)

Light show with dynamic drum rhythm, dances and unforgettable light show which make your heart jump. The action starts with the first bears of drums when luminous figure of the Lady of Tron comes to life...

Lounge Area +13 000 UAH
28 000 UAH

An improved lounge area with a bar, music, tea room and open-air cinema. We want to create special comfortable space for every participant. You may be part of it! And we will provide popcorn!

Photo booth +6 500 UAH
15 000 UAH

Do you like taking selfies? You may do it even cooler with our special photo zone! A great opportunity to fool around and have lot of fun! Take pictures, make faces, make memories. After con you will have unique picture that will revive pleasure memories.

Sky lanterns +5 500 UAH
8 500 UAH

Sky lanterns for cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Sky lanterns brings magic over our heads. You know, we created tradition to launch them with gratitude to WUFF. And make a wish for the next year, that definitely going to come true. This is the moment of hope, the moment of unity, the moment of faith.

Campfire Snacks +3 000 UAH
3 000 UAH

Snacks for those who enjoy warm and delicious pastime around the campfire. Grilled sausages, baked potatoes, hot buns, marshmallow and tasty punch. Or maybe you would like to drink traditional tea from the classic Soviet Samovar?
I want to donate!

Greetings fellow furfan!

Every year WUFF org. team is making tremendous efforts to create unique atmosphere at the convention - contests, different shows, chill-out zones, interesting events. And now you can help us to make WUFF even better and more interesting, even if you can’t purchase sponsor or super sponsor upgrade. We invite all of you to participate in our “Open Donations” program.

How does it work:

On this page you will find list of goals, which has been created based on needs of our convention. This list may be expanded with time and we’re open to your ideas as well..
All goals will be achieved with donations from our attendees. For example, to reach the first goal we need to gather 3000 UAH. It doesn’t matter if this sum will be donated by one or multiple attendees. You can find the overall amount of donations at the top of goal list.
When the required sum for the goal will be donated, the small checkmark will appear next to the goal - Congratulations, you’ve reached the goal!
The next goal unlocks in the list, when the overall amount of donations reaches certain mark.

How to donate?

  • Navigate to your profile using the "I want to donate!" button
  • Click the "DONATION" button
  • Input the desired sum into the “Donation amount” text field
  • Click the "Confirm" button
  • Are you redirecred to the Donate page?
  • You’re awesome!
Attention! To use current version of donation system, please use Account balance funds on the WUFF website! You can fill your account balance by clicking "Add Funds" button in your profile.

TOP-rating - what’s that?

Basically, it’s the rating of donations. The more donations you make, the higher your rating is. This rating will be displayed on the page with goal list.


So, we bet you all want to know what rewards will await those, who will be in the top-3 and top-10, right?

  • Apart from eternal glory, TOP 3 attendees will be invited to very unique party for sponsors;
  • TOP 10 attendees will get memorable souvenirs from WUFF team;
  • The attendee, who will be the TOP 1 donator, will get an unique gift;


Every attendee, who will donate at least 100 UAH before 15th of April, will be mentioned in the con book.
And, of course, every single attendee, who will participate in this program, will get enormous amount of gratitude from other attendees of WUFF 2018!

I want to donate!


1. Amur Tiger 7 010 UAH
2. Kar 7 010 UAH
3. Basil Lion 4 000 UAH
4. Lycon 2 500 UAH
5. Rush 1 650 UAH
6. Kimura 1 500 UAH
7. Khaki 1 400 UAH
8. Rozz 1 234 UAH
9. Chaos 1 024 UAH
10. Sin’Reol 1 010 UAH
11. Izi Jeevas 1 000 UAH
12. Kovur 700 UAH
13. Elli Fox 600 UAH
14. Otmin 550 UAH
15. Athiress 500 UAH
16. Lemurr 500 UAH
17. Crimson 200 UAH
18. Howler 200 UAH
19. Loke 200 UAH
20. aedan 200 UAH