Art Show & Dealers Den

Traditionally, WUFF convention provides an opportunity for artists and craftsmen to demonstrate their fantasy creations to the public. To exhibit original artworks, prints and crafts you may take part in the Art Show - an art exhibition accessible to all WUFF participants.

Those, who wish to trade their artworks to other participants, can easily do this by signing up for the Dealers Den. Here you may deploy a real marketplace. At the same time all WUFF participants will get a chance to purchase souvenirs, WUFF accessories and crafts of artists, that will please their heart and serve as a reminder of a great time spent.

If you wish to participate in the Art Show or the Dealers Den as an artist or as a trader:

  1. Please sign up for WUFF2018 convention (You or your representative)

  2. Fill the Art Show/Dealers Den registration form using this LINK (Your representative must fill the form with his info)

  3. Fill the Artwork form if you will participate at the WUFF Art Show using this LINK (Please Note that you need to fill form for each artwork separately. Please do not include information about all your artworks into single form)


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Art Show exhibition and Dealers Den are held under constant supervision. For this reason we kindly ask all participants to be familiar with the restrictions on artworks:

1. Exhibits must not be dangerous or perishable.

2. Exhibits must be of proper quality, be presentable and be of an artistic value.

3. Prohibited are exhibits which contain elements or may be considered as following:

  • Racism

  • Any form of intolerance;

  • Deliberately-offensive content;

  • Excessive violence and brutality;

  • BDSM paraphernalia and paraphernalia with sexual content;

  • Pedophilia;

4. Mature content is prohibited. Selling of fetish objects is not allowed. Tasteful nudity is allowed, but must be censored properly. Beside the rules, staff members have the right to refuse exhibiting some of the works.

You may send your questions about registration, Art Show or Dealers Den to our e-mail: