WUFF – is the largest event in Ukraine, for those who adore and are fond of anthropomorphic creatures.

Our tradition to meet on May holidays started in 2008, when furries come along for spring picnic. Furmeet got much bigger since that time and the picnic became its essential part! We got a lot of new events to fill WUFF with many interesting and fun adventures.

This is a wonderful time when we can meet old friends, and find new ones, enjoy friendly communication with those who share similar interests, play games together, enjoy energetic dances, artwork and many other wonderful things.

WUFF is for...?

We are a society of friendly and open hearted artists, cartoonists, costumers, writers and all those who admire human-like animal characters.

WUFF – is an event for those who want to meet friends and enjoy friendly communication with people who share similar interests. For those who want to show their works, or see others' artistic mastership. For those who want to feel inspiration and desire to create.

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WUFF 2016 by Alex "Khaki" Vance

WUFF 2016

Ah, Ukraine! When I first visited Rusfurrence in 2013, and was given a tour of Moscow by my excellent hosts, I thought I’d fallen in love with Russian cuisine – only to discover that nearly everything I’d devoured was in fact Ukrainian. Therefore, I knew I would one day have no choice but to visit the source, and boy howdy, was it worth it.

Our hosts and dear friends took such excellent care of us, with ‘us’ including a surprising number of foreigners, most of whom had never been to Ukraine before. My boyfriend Rush joined me, as did our friend Bostitch, and we met up with Oatcake and Fox Amoore and far, far too many other friends to mention.

The convention itself was fantastic, marked by the lively, can-do spirit the Ukrainians are known for, though I regrettably saw far too little of it. We’d wanted to take a quick look at Kiev while we were in the country but it wound up taking us three hours to get back, and it also didn’t help that I’d caught a bug that left me too tired to partake of many of the events – including a party bus!

Still, there was plenty of fun to be had in the evenings. The Tiger Bar set up in the corridor of the fourth floor, the Stone Soup bar in the suite and balcony of room 107, and of course the traditional picnic and barbecue in the woods, which I was told was how WUFF had originally started. It started raining rather fiercely immediately after the campfire got started, but the Ukrainians proved themselves indomitable, putting together a shovel team to dig emergency trenches and build dams around the fire, which never went out!

Words can’t describe the warmth and fun of the con. We’ll certainly be back.

As always, share and enjoy.

-- Alex "Khaki" Vance

WUFF 2015 by VuFox

WUFF 2015