Chairman Basil Lion General administration. Manage and lead the Board of Directors.
Vice Chairman Izi Jeevas General management, partnership, general administration, finance.
Registration Basil Lion  Registration, change of registration data, transfer or cancellation of registration.
Payment Basil Lion Financial matters, on-line payments, payments verification, cash and invoices, payments to vendors.
Hotel Taysha Hotel liaison, accomodation.
Art Team belo4ka Art related question, coordination of artists, design issues, conbook, art exhibition, art-auction.
Tech Team Daemon Technical matters, website and its functionality, webcasts, WiFi in hotel, event technical service, WUFF TV.
Event Team Argy Events in general, organization and planning of events, coordination of hosts, maintain schedule.
Security Team B1o4m Safety and securitity, development, coordination and provision of security measures.
Media Team Blacklion Video shooting, coordination and control of video operators, video-journalizm during events.
Photo Team VUFox Photo team, coordination and control of individual photographers, fursuit photo-shoot, photo-journalism during events.
Logistics Topcat Transportation and logistics, coordination and provision of transport, delivery of equipment, coordination of fleet.
Finance Derill Finance and accounting.
ConOps Ksan_shie ConOps, coordination of volunteers.
Jurist Dariel Dee Legal affairs.
Fursuit support Zephid Fursuit Support.
In.Team Royen International guests support.